Technologies at Medtech Startups Identified in June 2013

Below is the list of technologies at medtech startups identified in June 2013 and added to the Medtech Startups Database:

  • Implantable electrospun neurosurgical meshes and tools.
  • Undisclosed technology for the treatment of aneurysm.
  • Catheter-based, self-expandable device to restore vessel/duct patency in peripheral vascular, neurology, cardiology and women’s health applications.
  • Ultrasound guidance for interventional procedures.
  • Undisclosed medical technology development.
  • Technologies for hip replacement.
  • Angiography catheters, others.
  • Neural interface research products and technologies.
  • Hip and knee implants.
  • Surgically implanted, invisible hearing aid device.
  • Undisclosed medical technology relating to allografts.
  • Developing “generic” versions of medical technology.

For a historical listing of medtech startups technologies, see link.

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