Country and product segment growth ranked in wound closure and related products

Our 2012 analysis of global markets for products in wound closure and related products examines the rates of market growth for individual product types in each geographic market.

Product types:

  • Sutures/staples/clips
  • Mechanical closure
  • Tapes
  • Hemostats
  • Fibrin and other sealants
  • High-strength medical adhesives
  • Post-surgical adhesion prevention


  • USA
  • Rest of North America
  • Latin America
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Rest of Europe
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Rest of Asia/Pacific
  • Rest of World

In examining the markets to this level of detail, we determined the growth rates of individual product types in each of the countries.  By considering the stage of market development for each product type, its rate of adoption in specific countries/regions and a variety of other combinations of geographic and product specific drivers, we are able to derive a list of country-product combinations that can be ranked in declining order of growth.  For example, below is the top 20 list, in descending order of overall market growth, for country-product combinations in this market:


  1. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Post-Surgical Adhesion Prevention
  2. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  3. USA High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  4. ASIA-PACIFIC Post-Surgical Adhesion Prevention
  5. AMERICAS High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  6. SPAIN High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  7. ASIA-PACIFIC High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  8. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Fibrin & Other Sealants
  9. FRANCE High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  10. GERMANY High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  11. EU High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  12. JAPAN High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  13. Rest of EU High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  14. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Hemostats
  15. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Sutures & Staples
  16. UK High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  17. ASIA-PACIFIC Fibrin & Other Sealants
  18. ROW High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  19. ROW High-Strength Medical Adhesives
  20. ITALY High-Strength Medical Adhesives

What is clear from this is that one of the top growing product types in this market is high-strength medical adhesives.  The products are only beginning to penetrate a large caseload of prospective patients and are therefore being adopted at a more accelerated rate than almost any other product in wound closure.

But if we arbitrarily remove these products from the list (justified perhaps clients’ strategic, tactical or other reasons not to pursue these products), then the top 20 “all other” country-product combinations are shown below, again, in descending order:


  1. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Post-Surgical Adhesion Prevention
  2. ASIA-PACIFIC Post-Surgical Adhesion Prevention
  3. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Fibrin & Other Sealants
  5. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Sutures & Staples
  6. ASIA-PACIFIC Fibrin & Other Sealants
  7. USA Fibrin & Other Sealants
  8. AMERICAS Fibrin & Other Sealants
  9. ASIA-PACIFIC Hemostats
  10. REST OF NORTH AMERICA Fibrin & Other Sealants
  11. USA Hemostats
  12. ASIA-PACIFIC Sutures & Staples
  13. AMERICAS Hemostats
  14. UK Fibrin & Other Sealants
  15. ITALY Fibrin & Other Sealants
  16. Rest of EU Fibrin & Other Sealants
  17. REST OF ASIA-PACIFIC Mechanical Closure
  18. EU Fibrin & Other Sealants
  19. USA Post-Surgical Adhesion Prevention
  20. LATIN AMERICA Fibrin & Other Sealants

This list is then telling for its ability to reveal areas of high growth that are resulting from combinations of geographic- and product-specific drivers.

The full report is entitled, “Surgical Sealants, Glues, Wound Closure and Anti-Adhesion, Worldwide Markets, 2012-2017”. Report #S190.

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