Medical technology investment dips in April 2012

Total medtech financings for medtech reached only $197 million in April 2012, compared to an average of $379 million per month for the first three months in 2012.

The top medtech financings for the month are below:

  • $32.7 million — Myoscience, Inc. — Cryotherapy
  • $25.0 million — EnteroMedics, Inc. — Neuroblocking devices for the treatment of obesity
  • $21.2 million — Silk Road Medical, Inc. — Medical devices for neurovascular conditions
  • $17.9 million — Derma Sciences, Inc. — Devices and pharmaceuticals in advanced wound care
  • $16.5 million — AlloCure, Inc. — Isolation and expansion of mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of kidney injury
  • $16.5 million — Wavetec Vision Systems  — Wavefront measurement systems for use in ophthalmology

The complete list of medtech companies receiving financing and/or investment in April 2012 is shown at link.

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P. Driscoll

Patrick Driscoll founded MedMarket Diligence and has become a leading source of analysis and insight in medical technology markets. He previously co-founded Medtech Insight and was a principal at Medical Data International. He has 25 years of experience assessing current and potential markets for medical technologies.

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