Wound management patient population(s) size and growth

Worldwide, there is a huge number of patients with chronic or acute wounds requiring medical/surgical treatment by a wide range of methods.  The number and rate of change for each is driven by population, the nature of each wound type, and the availability and efficacy of different treatment options in satisfying clinical need (and removing caseload from prevalence totals).

The overwhelming share of wound types is represented by surgical wounds.  However, surgical wounds represent a large but relatively static patient population, with no major forces producing significant growth in the number of patients with surgical wounds.  By contrast, ulcer wounds (pressure, venous/arterial and diabetics) are growing at aggressive rates underpinned by strong growth trends in diabetes, obesity and the aging population.

Below is illustrated the size and growth (through 2016) of different wound patient populations.


Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S247.

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