Global obesity devices treatment market, 2011 & 2019

The future of the market for treatment of obesity, which is widely recognized as an area of considerable demand and potential treatment options, is going to be dictated by the introduction of new pharmaceuticals (at least as suggested by the recent FDA actions relenting on their consideration of Lorcaserin, Qnexa and Contrave) as well as by the proliferation and differentiation of the less well publicized but better near-term opportunity of obesity device treatments.

Currently, obesity device treatments are dominated by "restrictive" devices, such as Allergan's Lap Band, but by 2019, the market will be more fragmented to include appetite suppression devices, gastric emptying devices, malabsorption devices and artificial fullness devices.

Below is illustrated the 2011 and 2019 global markets for obesity treatment devices.

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S835, "Products, Technologies and Markets Worldwide for the Clinical Management of Obesity, 2011-2019."

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