New technologies at medtech startups, October 2011

Below is the list of technologies under development by startups identified and added the Medtech Startups Database during the month of October 2011:

  • Kidney stone retention and retrieval devices.
  • Developing a novel class of compounds for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome by exploiting novel biology, associated with mitochondria biogenesis and stabilization.
  • Undisclosed medical technology.
  • Minimally invasive spinal implant to stabilize spine and minimize twisting that can cause back pain.
  • Stroke detection and other products in neurophysiology assessment.
  • Devices to monitor gastrointestinal bleeding and related diseases.
  • Antimicrobial materials.
  • Drug-eluting implant to reduce risk of lung cancer recurrence.
  • Bioabsorbable drug-eluting stent using novel biomaterials, drug and drug delivery technology.
  • Orthopedic biologics.
  • Bioresorbable scaffold for treating occlusive disease in the superficial femoral artery.
  • Patient-controlled device that helps patients recover from knee surgery.
  • Device that stimulates production of natural tears for patients with dry eye disesse.
  • Left ventricular assist devices.

For a comprehensive list of technologies added to the database, see link.

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