Technologies emerging with great competitive potential

Over the past several years, despite restrictions in available operating capital ensuing from the "credit crunch" and the "Great Recession", a regulatory environment in the U.S. that appears less and less inclined toward innovation, and all of the ensuing challenges faced by entrepreneurs, a startling array of new technologies have entered development with promising potential to drive improvement in patient outcome and commercial success for their developers.

Among these include technologies that: 

  • …facilitate vein access via visualization of veins (e.g., VuStik,
  • …employ novel drug delivery technologies that enable paradigm shift of drug dosing from systemic to localized action
  • …regenerate tissue for structural and/or functional roles (see link)
  • …move imaging to bedside, as in X-Ray, MRI (e.g., Tribogenics,
  • …accomplish minimally invasive surgery via percutaneous, endoscopic or natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery 
  • …treat symptoms and root causes of disease and disorders via neuromodulation (e.g., NeuroSigma, Tal Medical, NEUROS Medical, EMKInetics, Nevro)
  • …advance the state of the art in the clinical management of spine disorders and trauma (see link)
  • …treat disorders and diseases via autologous cell therapies (e.g., ECW Therapeutics, Entest Biomedical, Millennium Medical Technologies, BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics)
  • …alter device coatings to optimize biocompatibility, minimize infection or otherwise accelerate healing (e.g., BioTectix, Endomimetics, ReQuisite Biomedical, Asimion)

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