Global size and growth of spine surgery market segments

The worldwide market for technologies and products in spine surgery is over $12 billion annually.  The market is diverse in its technologies and its geographic distribution.  It remains staunchly one of the most resilient medical device markets in the face of pressures in healthcare for cost reduction.  With this economic foundation, it has supported a steady stream of innovation that is projected to continue for the next ten years.

Below illustrates graphically the segments in the spine surgery market by displaying each segment by sales volume (size and position along horizontal axis) and compound annual growth rate through 2020 (position on vertical axis).  This exhibit is not intended to be confusing, but it does illustrate that there are numerous market segments that are close in size and growth rate, and only a couple that stand out in either case, notably the high growth and low current size of axial lumbar interbody fusion (admittedly an optimistic growth forecast) and the high size and lower growth of posterior pedicle screw fusion systems.

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #M520 (publication pending).

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