Latin America: Markets in Advanced Wound Closure

In the Americas, the U.S. dominates all medtech markets, but as manufacturers seek the "low hanging fruit" of readily available market opportunities, Latin America rises to the fore, with its large populations, proximity to existing distribution, lower manufacturing costs and other advantages.  Brazil and Mexico are the biggest opportunities as reflected in the revenues generated there in the sale of medtech products.

The large and growing market for advanced wound closure products — encompassing hemostats, fibrin sealants, high-strength adhesives/glues and post-surgical adhesion prevention — is reflected in Latin America.  Below is the market for these advanced products in Latin America:

Source: Report #S180, "Worldwide Surgical Sealants, Glues, Wound Closure and Anti-Adhesion Markets, 2008-2015".

A similar distribution of wound closure revenues across these countries is found for traditional wound closure products (sutures, staples and other mechanical closure), with the dominant category being sutures and staples.

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