Obesity Devices Breaking Ground in an Emerging Landscape

The landscape for obesity treatments is largely characterized by a smattering of drugs, bariatric surgery and an emerging array of device options.  The landscape itself is also changing steadily with surging numbers of patients globally fitting the diagnosis of "obese", regardless of the shifting definition of what constitutes obesity.  Over the next few years, the emergence of newly approved clinical options will produce a distribution of growing revenue streams for drug, device and other manufacturers and clinicians.

Considering only the device side of obesity, which is proving to be much less susceptible to the whimsy of the FDA than are drugs for obesity, the next few years will indeed see the emergence and market growth of many new products. Moreover, the dynamics in the regulation and reimbursement (and other dynamics) across different geographies will further produce differences in market dynamics.

Below is illustrated the 2011 and the 2019 landscape for obesity devices globally by major geographic region.

Source: Report #S835: "Products, Technologies and Markets Worldwide for the Clinical Management of Obesity, 2011-2019." 

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