Selected new medical technologies with big potential impact

One of our readers at sent along an interesting set of medical technologies that are good examples of new and evolving technologies impacting patient care.  

  • Faster MRIs. Cutting MRI imaging time seven-fold will yield great research and clinical benefits.
  • Water fleas as new human testing models.  Genetic homology with humans may make these valuable human test subject.
  • Molecular imaging. Bridging the gap between molecular biology and imaging to elucidate molecular level precursors to organ failure.
  • Magnetic molecules. Room temperature control of the magnetic state of molecules may lead to a variety of medical and non-medical applications.
  • Bioengineered blood vessels.  Faster graft generation, better than synthetic.  (This has also been the subject of tissue engineering in our Report #S520.) 
  • STEM microscopes. High-speed, 3D recording of individual neurons firing could dramatically improve understanding of neural pathologies.
  • Blurring man/machine. Brainwave control of machines. (See also "2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal", Time Magazine.)
  • Laser biopsies. Painless, noninvasive.
  • Wireless heart monitoring.  Potential for earlier detection of heart failure events to  dramatically reduce readmissions.

For the full review of these advances at see link.

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