Medtech Startup in Focus: NovaTract Surgical, LLC

The technologies and markets I focus on for the identification of companies to add to my Medtech Startups Database are ones whose overall position — technology, clinical approach and competitive advantage – strike me as well poised to succeed in the medical product industry.

Since, as a matter of course in researching leading edge medical technologies for the purpose of revealing medtech opportunities, as well as supporting the primary research of my authors of medtech Reports, I routinely research the emergence of new medical technology companies and add them to the database, and since I increasingly find audiences interested in learning about new medtech companies, I thought it would be worthwhile for my readers that I occasionally report on newly identified startup companies here, to highlight them and give them a little bit of exposure, which they may want, and which my readers appreciate.

NovaTract Surgical LLC

I identified this company and was immediately interested in their technology because it meets a fundamental set of demands for companies to succeed in medtech markets — capitalizing on the need for improved outcomes at reduced cost.  

NovaTract is focused on the development of technologies that enable single port laparoscopy and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES), arguably the singlemost significant advances in surgical technology development since the emergence of laparoscopy to replace open general surgery. Fundamentally, NovaTract has developed instrumentation that will allow surgeons to perform routine laparoscopic surgeries (e.g., cholecystectomy and appendectomy) via single-incision and NOTES methods.  

Time was when the radical introduction of laparoscopy seemed such a drastic improvement over traditional, invasive laparotomy that it was difficult to foresee advances that could further reduce the invasiveness of surgery in a practical format.  I know that my father, a well known general surgeon in New England, was instrumental in upgrading the capability of his hospital to provide laparoscopic surgery as an option for patients and it was a major advancement that he was proud to facilitate. It therefore seems even more remarkable that laparoscopy, and its broader technology capability, endoscopic surgery, has evolved to even further minimize invasiveness while enabling the high volume surgeon to routinely perform procedures like cholecystectomy and appendectomy through single-incision laparoscopy and NOTES.

NovaTract is led by CEO Eleanor Tandler, a company founder and previously Director of Venture Development at UConn R & D Corporation.  The company was founded in 2010 and is based on the research of Kurt E. Roberts, M.D., the company’s scientific founder and an assistant professor of gastrointestinal and general surgery at Yale University School of Medicine.

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  1. As far as the single-site or single-incision laparoscopy, yes, but NovaTract is also pursuing NOTES surgery. Neither the single-incision nor the NOTES technology is on the radar yet, so there isn’t much to assess at this point.

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