Technologies at recent medical technology startups

Below is a list of technologies at recent medical technology startups.

  • Nano-encapsulated drug delivery in coronary artery applications.
  • Surgical instrumentation.
  • External fixation
  • Ophthalmic drug delivery.
  • Interspinous fusion cages.
  • Real-time in vivo pathology based on optical coherence tomography.
  • Bone graft substitutes
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Implantable drug infusion pumps for treatment of brain-related conditions (e.g., epilepsy).
  • Beating heart access and closure system for cardiovascular surgery.
  • Transcatheter percutaneous mitral valve repair.
  • Drug-free device to reduce pain of injections.
  • Steerable guidewire technology.
  • Embolic protection device.
  • Developing obesity device (gastric volume reduction) technology.

Company, contact and additional details are provided in the Medtech Startups Database.  In addition to the above, we identify medtech startups, and their principals, who remain in stealth mode with undisclosed medical technologies.

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