The U.S.A. (and Canada) dominate bariatric surgery caseload

Combine a procedure for treatment of a obesity, a high prevalence condition, with a large patient population seemingly as dedicated to fast food  as it is to fast solutions to the resulting condition, and further combine it in a country with the highest percent of GDP spent on healthcare and it becomes clear that the demand for bariatric surgery and its related device and drug markets is highest in the U.S.

Below, drawn from Metabolic/Bariatric Surgery Worldwide 2008. Obesity Surgery, 2009 (Dec;19(12):1605-11) is illustrated the global share of bariatric surgeries by country.

Source: Metabolic/Bariatric Surgery Worldwide 2008. Obesity Surgery, 2009 (Dec;19(12):1605-11) and MedMarket Diligence, LLC, report #S835.

In descending order, the number of annual bariatric surgeries by country is USA/Canada, Brazil, France, Mexico, Australia/New Zealand, Belgium/Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Israel, Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Chile, Egypt, Norway, Portugal, Venezuela, India, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Russia, Peru, Turkey, South Africa, Hungary, Ukraine, Japan, and Serbia.

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