November 2010 medtech financings total modest $127 million

Financings in medical technology for the month of November 2010 came in at a meager $127 million, which appears to be about the threshold for financings in medtech, based on the month-by-month financings.

This brings the year-to-date financings in medtech to $3.26 billion.  See month-by-month financings below.

Month Financings
January $514 link
February $160 link
March $241 link
April $125 link
May $432 link
June $312 link
July $518 link
August $267 link
September $249 link
October $316 link
November $127 link

Compiled by MedMarket Diligence, LLC

Comparing year-to-date through November for 2010 with 2009, the current year financing of $3.26 billion is ahead roughly $127 million over the total for 2009 by November ($3.13 billion).  See graphically:

Medtech Financings by Month, 2009 vs. 2010