Obesity products projected to vary widely in acceptance

Further to our post yesterday, reflecting the changing landscape of obesity treatment options, there will be a wide range of the growth rates for options over the ten year period from 2009-2019.  In descending order, below, are listed the obesity treatment options in terms of sales revenue annual growth rates:

  • Gastric Emptying Devices
  • Appetite Suppression Devices
  • Malabsorption Devices
  • Combination Drugs
  • Satiety Drugs
  • Artificial Fullness Devices
  • App Suppression Drugs
  • Restrictive Devices
  • Malabsorption Drugs

On the low end, malabsorption drugs will demonstrate an actual net decline over the forecast period while, on the high end, gastric emptying devices, which are 1-2 years away from approval, will go from zero to a nearly $200 million annual market by 2019.

For further information, see Report #S835, ” Products, Technologies and Markets Worldwide for the Clinical Management of Obesity, 2011-2019.”

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