Surgical securement market, Latin America

The securement market, encompassing fibrin sealants/glues, high strength glues (cyanoacrylates, others), hemostatic agents, sutures, staples, other mechanical closure and products for the prevention of post-surgical adhesion, in most segments reflects an advanced wound technologies market.  As is the cast with virtually all medtech markets, the dominant geographies driving securement revenues are the U.S., Europe and Asian countries like Japan and Korea.  However, considerable attention is being given to Latin America, based on the level of healthcare market development, the population and potential caseload, and the relative ease of distribution, particularly for U.S.-based manufacturers (although, not to overstate the opportunity, since by comparison to the well established western markets, Latin America is clearly less driven by high healthcare expenditure and utilization of advanced technologies).

By capitalizing on existing distribution networks, trade agreements and the simple proximity of geography for major U.S. manufacturers, the opportunity of Latin America has been a profitable consideration.

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; report #S180.

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