Recent medical technology startups

Recent medical technology startups (2009-2010):

  • Alacer Biomedical, Inc. — Silk-based biomaterial platforms for tissue repair and orthopedic applications.
  • Caymus Medical, Inc. — Undisclosed medical technology from previous founder of Opus Medical, Inc.
  • Cecuris Surgical, LLC — Tendon, ligament and soft tissue repair.
  • Corhythm, Inc. — Implantable device to detect onset of atrial fibrillation and chronic heart failure.
  • Crocker Spinal Technologies, Inc. – Spinal implant technologies
  • Domain Surgical, Inc. – Development stage medical device company.
  • ECW Therapeutics, Inc. — Systems for concentration of autologous adult stem cells applied in surgical approaches to orthopedics.
  • EndoRetics, Inc. — Incisionless bariatric surgery device.
  • InCyte Innovations, LLC — undisclosed
  • Innovative Pulmonary Solutions, Inc. — Novel devices for treating lung diseases.
  • OsteoSping Medical, Inc. – Orthopedic implants
  • SonoCiné, Inc. — Automated breast ultrasound system to complement mammography.
  • Vesatek, LLC c/o Incuvate, LLC — Surgical guidewire apparatus.

Companies drawn from the Medtech Startups Database.

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