Global growth in the diabetes management industry

The global market for diabetes products and therapies is divided in several diverse categories. The most well-known, and probably the one people think of first when considering diabetes therapies, is insulin and insulin delivery. The last several years, human insulins have been replacing the older bovine and porcine insulins. Delivery devices range from syringes to mechanical pens and injectors. A newer and upcoming segment of the insulin delivery market comprises insulin pumps.

In terms of diagnosis and monitoring, the most commonly used blood sampling devices are blood glucose monitors and their accompanying lancets or lancing devices and testing strips. Other blood glucose monitors have built-in lancets. In addition, some of the newer blood glucose monitors are combined with an insulin pump, which is the first step toward creating a completely closed loop system that will function as an artificial pancreas.

Another emerging segment of the diabetes management market is found in the development of pharmaceuticals (injectables and orally delivered agents) that will help to control the patient’s blood glucose levels. The various types of anti-diabetes pharmaceuticals can be broken down into several categories, many of which include compounds still under investigation.

The aggregate diabetes market globally is growing at a remarkable rate for a disease with long established treatment regimen.

With compound annual growth rates between 11% and 24% per region, driven by population growth, increased penetration of previously undiagnosed population and the increased prevalence of obesity, there is room for development of both clinically effective and cost effective technologies.

[Data drawn from Report #D510, “Worldwide Diabetes Management Market, 2009-2018.”]

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