U.S. and Asia/Pacific diabetes markets differentiated

Due to a variety of factors in the manifestation and treatment of diabetes in different geographies, driven by  differences in incidence, associated pathologies, clinical practice patterns, local reimbursement rates, etc., the distribution of the sales in diabetes for different product types varies from one geography to the next.  However, the most significant distinction in comparing markets is aggregate size.  Below is illustrated the distribution of diabetes product sales ($millions) by type for the U.S. and for Asia/Pacific.  At the outset, the U.S. market, as with most medtech markets, dominates due to population (healthcare spending per capita GNP).  


But when viewed on a percentage of total market, the two markets, for all their geographic, cultural and other differences, are not remarkably different.

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #D510, "Worldwide Diabetes Management Market."

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