Continuous blood glucose monitors in diabetes

Continuous blood glucose monitors (CBGMs), which regularly report blood glucose levels and, more importantly, provide alarms for when levels approach critical highs and lows and, even further, advance warning of the trend toward such levels, are a major new area of market opportunity for technologies in diabetes.  On their own, they offer the ability to provide advance intervention for diabetics whose blood glucose is poised to drop to rise to unhealthy levels.  Further, their use in providing patients and their clinicians with data on patterns of blood glucose response to carbohydrate intake, insulin infusion, exercise and other important variables can move diabetics' care toward normalizing glucose levels and avoid the complications of hypo- and hyperglycemia.

Combined in in initially open loop and, eventually, closed loop systems integrated with insulin pumps and CBGMs, these systems represent the potential "artificial pancreas" that is a long sought-after goal in diabetes management.  The only remaining constraints (since open loop systems are already available) is the necessary algorithms and their FDA approval in an integrated device that does not require user input to relate glucose levels to insulin dosage.

The market potential for CBGMs varies by geography according to different local  adoption rates and other variables.  See below for relative growth rates for the market in CBGMs:

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #D510, "Diabetes Management: Products, Technologies, Markets and Opportunities Worldwide 2009-2018."

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