Disease epidemic: diabetes prevalence, 2010 and 2030

A diabetes epidemic is under way. According to the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) some 286 million people worldwide have diabetes. It is now one of the most common non- communicable diseases globally. Diabetes is the fourth or fifth leading cause of death in most developed countries and there is substantial evidence that it is epidemic in many developing and newly industrialized nations. World Health Organization projections also suggest that the number of people suffering from the disease will increase to some 370 million by 2030.

The exhibit below indicates the wide differences in prevalence among the regions as defined by the IDF, and the projected evolution to 2030.

Regional Estimates for Diabetes (Age 20-79 Years), 2010 and 2030


Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas, 4th Ed., International Diabetes Federation, 2009; and MedMarket Diligence, LLC.

(See also "Diabetes Management: Products, Technologies, Markets and Opportunities Worldwide 2009-2018", Report #D510, published July 2010.)

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