Japanese Ablation Technologies Market

Asia-Pacific is a mix of a powerhouse country (Japan), a developing country with enormous market potential (China), a developing country with an arguably much smaller market potential (India), and a country that is more like the European Union in terms of healthcare spend (Australia).

Japan is the second largest market for medical devices after the US. In 2009, this market accounted for revenues of about $1.535.2 million. By 2019, Japan is predicted to have an ablation device market worth about $3.977.5 million, with an aggregate CAGR of 10.3%. Select ablation modalities in Japan — namely, cryotherapy and radiofrequency ablation — have higher than average growth rates due to adoption of these technologies and utilization in clinical practice.

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #A145, "Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market, 2009-2019: Products, Technologies, Markets, Companies and Opportunities."

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