Companies in the ablation technologies global market

Below is a list of companies active in the field of ablation technologies and covered in the MedMarket Diligence report #A145, "Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market, 2009-2019: Products, Technologies, Markets, Companies and Opportunities" (for complete details, see link):


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device-centric competitiondisease management competition
medical device: an inert, metallic or plastic, structurally static implant or toolmedical device: a tool or implant that may or may not be conformable, resorbable, drug-coated, biocompatible, traceable, excreted, or removed
medtech market: technology based on device, implant, tool or equipmentmedtech market: device, material, tool, or diagnostic/therapeutic alternative including devices, biotech, biomaterial, biopharma, pharma or others that compete for caseload previously treated by devices
surgery: laparotomy, thoracotomy or other open surgical accesssurgery: laparoscopy or other endoscopy, interventional (catheter-based access) or natural orifice access

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC, Report #A145.

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