Financing in medtech reaches a respectable $424 million so far in May

It has been an up and down year-to-date for new medtech financings, with the monthly totals ranging from a high of $514 million in January to a low of $160 in February.  For May to date, the total (as of May 27) at $424, in no small measure due to Medtronic's decision to financing BioControl Technologies and its implantable nerve stimulation device to the tune of $70 million.  (See current standing of May 2020 medtech financings.) The key financings for the month of May thus far include big ones:

  • BioControl Technologies, $70 million
  • TearScience, $44.5 million
  • CardioMEMS, $37.9 million
  • ReVision Optics, $35 million
  • CardioDx, $34.6 million
  • Breathe Technologies, $23 million

The total for the year to date in medtech financings stands at $1.4 billion.  (See 2010 medtech financings by month.)

Source: Compiled by MedMarket Diligence, LLC

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