Markets and opportunities in cell therapy and tissue engineering

The tissue engineering, cell therapy and transplantation "market" (in truth, more of a collection of related markets or market segments) holds many current and emerging opportunities for competitors, whether they be biotechnology companies, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies or, as is increasingly the case, a life science company that does not so conveniently fit into any of these existing molds.

Growth in sales across virtually all sectors in this market, from technology type to clinical application, is in double digit annual figures as a result of advances that have reached market approval and a clinician population increasingly inclined toward cell and tissue-driven clinical solutions.  The market for cell and tissue products applied to the treatment of disease and trauma was all but a quiescent market ripe with market potential (and hype) only a few years ago, but with many products having reached the market, from skin/integumentary to orthopedic to cancer and others, the market has established itself big — to $6.9 billion in current annual revenues worldwide — and many opportunities remain.

Much of the cell/tissue market has yet to be tapped.  While orthopedics applications already represent a lion's share of the market, at $4+ billion in 2009, the aggregate market for cell and tissue engineering will be in excess of $30 billion in less than ten years. Conversely, the field of organ replacement and transplant, which hardly amounts to any measurable sales currently, will grow even more dramatically as cell and tissue-engineering technology opportunities in organ replacement are realized during this time frame.

Source:  MedMarket Diligence, LLC, Report #S520.

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