New technologies in development at recent medtech startups

Below are the technologies under development by medtech startup companies recently identified by MedMarket Diligence (and detailed in the Medtech Startups Database):

  • Novel optical scalpel for ultra-precise ophthalmic laser surgery
  • Wound healing technology based on choroid plexus proteins.
  • Osteobiologics
  • Creating "natural bionanomatrix coating technologies for medical devices and clinical problems in cardiovascular disease."
  • Needleless vascular access for dialysis
  • Stem cell coatings for medical devices and implants.
  • Neuromodulation for urinary incontinence.
  • Motion preservation and percutaneous technologies in spine surgery.
  • New platform technology for vials, syringes, autoinjectors and other drug delivery devices.
  • Dissolution of arterial plaques via elevation of bile salts.Developing an innovative ultrasound platform technology for medical applications.
  • Laparoscopic instrument for repair of ventral hernias.
  • Catheter-based drug delivery for treatmetn of vascular disease and restenosis.
  • Late stage medical device acquisitions.

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