Orthopedic and skin tissue/cell therapy developments

With the initial markets for cell therapy and tissue engineering being best represented by clinical applications in orthopedics and skin/integumentary, a sampling of technologies at various states of development within each is worth considering for insights into likely near-term market impact.

Below are select technologies under development by companies in cell therapy and tissue engineering. While these are not approved, many are well along in the development/approval process, plus many of the companies developing them already have products on the market.

Orthopedic cell/tissue select technologies in development:

  • 3-D cell growth matrix
  • Adult-derived stem cell therapies identified to improve the outcomes of cardiac, orthopedic and vascular surgeries
  • Anterior cruciate ligament repair
  • Autologous cartilage regeneration system
  • Autologous disc-derived chondrocyte transplantation for herniated discs
  • Bioregeneration matrix
  • Bone and tissue cellular matrix (dental, ortho filler)
  • Bone graft augmentation
  • Bone repair cells for bone regeneration
  • Cartilage regeneration, tissue reinforcement and repair
  • Cellular implants for the regeneration of damaged or sick orthopedic tissues
  • Developing stem cell therapies for bone and joint disease
  • Engineered tissue graft for cartilage
  • Growth factor for osteoarthritis in knee
  • Human cartilage grown from adult stem cells
  • Identified potential applications in biomaterial bone grafts
  • Injectable for degenerative disc disease
  • Investigating marrow and other system for orthopedic applications including spinal fusion
  • Material for anterior cruciate ligament repair, scaffolds for rotator cuff tendon repair
  • Orthopedic applications (bone fractures, degenerative joint cartilage, damaged intervertebral discs)
  • Orthopedic regenerative medicine biomaterials
  • Orthopedic scaffolds
  • Osteoarthritis pain relief
  • Personalized orthopedic stem cell therapy
  • Regeneration of myoblasts; stem cells to replace cartilage, bone
  • Regenerative medicine (glial cells, cardiomyocytes, islets, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, hepatocytes)
  • Regenerative stem cell transplantation
  • Scaffold for human tissue regeneration in the lab
  • Scaffold for spinal bone regeneration
  • Scaffold-free living cartilage implant for knee applications
  • Testing a genetically engineered human protein in patients with moderate to severe low back pain
  • Tissue regeneration for reconstructive, soft and hard tissue

Skin / Integumentary cell/tissue select technologies in development:

  • Allogeneic adult stem cells, protein therapeutics, gene silencing for wound ulcers and other applications
  • Amino acid peptide for diabetic foot ulcer healing
  • Artificial epidermis
  • Biomaterial for wound healing and tissue regeneration
  • Cell therapy for scar reduction
  • Cellular implants for the regeneration of damaged skin (aesthetics)
  • Genetically engineered biomaterials for wounds and other applications
  • Lyphoderm human keratinocytes for chronic wounds
  • Osteoarthritis pain relief
  • Regenerative stem cell transplantation
  • Stem cells to replace skin cells (substitute skin)
  • Therapeutic for wound closure
  • Tissue reinforcement and repair

Source: Report #S520, MedMarket Diligence, LLC

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  1. Now this will make medical practice even better than ever before!

    Soon we’ll have spare parts for human tissues as well and hopefully it will prolong people’s lives and make them healthier.

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