Technologies at new medtech startups

New medical technologies represented in specific companies recently added (January 2010) to the Medtech Startups Database:

  • Incubator company from
  • Developing minimally invasive therapies for end stage renal disease.
  • Electrical stimulation technology to restore temporary continence control for patients with colostomies.
  • Sonolysis for treatment of vascular thromobus disorders.
  • Undisclosed nanotech medical product development.
  • Medical robotics
  • Undisclosed medical technology
  • Tissue welding via cold plasma and albumin.
  • Intravascular medical device coatings containing resveratrol and quercetin.
  • Collagen-based implants for soft tissue defects.
  • Drug-device combinations in cardiovascular, renal and GI
  • Endometrial ablation for treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding.

For details on the Medtech Startups Database, see link.

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