Revenues in Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering Exceeding Expectations

The number of companies with approved products and measurable revenues in the field of cell therapy and tissue engineering has exceeded the expectation of many (though not all) in the industry.

Markets such as cell/tissue are often characterized by overestimated evaluations of commercial potential and underestimated consideration of the actual challenges. Indeed many technology challenges remain to be overcome if any significant portion of the purported potential of tissue engineering or cell therapy (in particular) is to be realized. Nonetheless, our estimate of only a few years ago (which were considered optimistic by some and conservative by others) has been eclipsed by the reality of substantial market growth, with 2009 revenues in cell therapy and tissue engineering at nearly $7 billion.

Source:  In process (draft) projections by MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S520.

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