Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering Applications, Products, and Markets in Aggressive Growth

With over 150 active companies developing and market products for cell therapy and tissue engineering applications, the industry is rapidly growing. Increasingly complex cell, tissue and organ systems are being repaired, restored or even replaced.

The MedMarket Diligence report #S520, “Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy and Transplantation: Products, Technologies & Market Opportunities, Worldwide, 2009-2018”, details the products, clinical applications, companies and global markets, which now total well over $1.5 billion annually.  

Tissue engineering, once relegated to relatively simple clinical applications like autologous skin grafts, has evolved to encompass successful engineering of much more complex tissues, such as urinary bladders, corneas, blood vessels and others.  Cell therapy, the subject of a decade-long fixation on the regulation of embryonic stem cell therapy, has been maturing both despite the federal ban on funding and as a result of the recent lifting of that ban, with applications benefitting in virtually all clinical areas.

“Cell therapy and tissue engineering technologies are now in the mainstream of routine clinical application, with the numbers of products and markets growing lucrative as a result,” says Patrick Driscoll, publisher at MedMarket Diligence.  According to Driscoll, cell therapy and tissue engineering are creating new markets as well as challenging the competitiveness of existing drug and device markets, since cell/tissue technologies can achieve results that go well beyond the capabilities of drugs and devices.

Many challenges remain to be overcome in the continued clinical and market development of cell and tissue therapies. The challenges include technological hurdles like stem cell therapy’s proclivity to be mutagenic, scale-up of product manufacturing to commercially profitable levels and the complexity of regulation and reimbursement for novel products that often make traditional product class definitions obsolete.

The MedMarket Diligence report and the worldwide market for cell therapy and tissue engineering examines the status of technologies, applications and markets for therapeutic tissue engineering, tissue reconstruction, cell therapies, tissue/organ transplantation and related technologies under various stages of development at over 150 companies. The report details the technology development, projected market introduction dates and/or current and forecast market size and competitor shares for products being developed to address major causes of death and disease spanning applications in cardiovascular, neurological, orthopaedic, urological, skin, dental, ophthalmological, gastroointestinal, organ transplant, cancer and others. The report details the status of product development and assesses the current and forecast worldwide market for tissue engineering, cell therapy and transplantation. 

The report provides market size and share data, with forecast market data to 2018, for the U.S., Europe, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World.

The report establishes the current worldwide market size for major technology segments as a baseline for and projecting growth in the market over a ten-year forecast and assesses and projects the composition of the market as technologies gain or lose relative market performance over this period.

The report is publishing in January 2010 and is detailed at link.

For a detailed listing of MedMarket Diligence reports, see link.

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