Investment in medtech off to a hot start in January

With medtech investment in January 2010 already clocked at $180 million in five days, the month and year are off to a quick start.   The financing amounts are also bigger, with over 70% of the financing rounds thus far in excess of $20 million each.  The financings include:

  • Intuity Medical:  $64 million
  • CircuLite, Inc.:  $32.5 million
  • CeQur SA:  $30 million
  • Proteus Biomedical, Inc.:  $25.5 million
  • ValenTx, Inc.:  $22 million

This is by comparison to December 2009 investment of barely $150 million for the whole month. Admittedly, December investment is typically down due to the holidays, but the January investment thus far shows a pace well above average.

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