Stent alternatives (beyond DES) under development


Competitors in the market for the treatment of coronary artery disease must face a litany of alternative technologies targeted at this patient caseload. Despite the successes of drug-eluting stents (DES) in producing results that are cost- and outcome-competitive compared to coronary artery bypass grafting, the drive for less invasive alternatives, improved clinical outcomes and other benefits will continue to produce technology alternatives.

In addition to drug-eluting, bare metal and bioresorbable coronary stents, a range of novel stent technologies are under development in the market:

  • bioactive coatings
  • antibody coatings
  • biomimetic coatings (biocompatible and thromboresistant)
  • hydrophilic coatings to facilitate stent delivery
  • titanium-nitride-oxide coating
  • genetically engineered bioactive
  • coatings to induce endothelial cell growth
  • pericardium-covered stents
  • beta-radiation emitting stents
  • polymer coatings engineered to be pulsatile, biostable
  • anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory, bacterial-resistant coating
  • stents engineered with embolic protection capability

Development is also not limited to the above stent technologies, as technologies for drug-eluting balloons, robotic CABG and a wide range of other technologies are the focus of many competitors seeking to displace some of the billions of dollars spent on coronary stents.

See the 2009 MedMarket Diligence report #C245, "Worldwide Drug-Eluting, Bare Metal and Other Coronary Stents, 2008-2017."


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