UCSF, Osiris start cardiac stem cell study for heart attack

Perhaps in no other market is it more imperative for current competitors to keep their eyes on the horizon than in the market for treatments of coronary artery disease. As I have ranted previously (search "coronary artery disease" on this blog), alternative treatments stretch from device to surgery to biotech and options too difficult to categorize. And the options continue to grow. In the biotech area, cell therapy has moved to human studies:


Researchers at UCSF Medical Center started enrolling patients in an early-stage adult stem cell therapy, developed by Osiris Therapeutics Inc., for first-time heart attack patients. (Continued at link.)


Currently, the majority of coronary artery disease treatments are captured by coronary artery bypass grafting ot angioplasty/stenting. These options are likely to remain the most used for some time, with technology development on both sides (bioabsorbable and other stents versus minimally invasive bypass, etc.), but manufacturers must keep their eyes open as clinical research extends on the horizon into non-surgical or even non-interventional options.

See the MedMarket Diligence report #C245 on "Coronary Stents Worldwide".

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