ScienceBlog: Math used as a tool to heal toughest of wounds

Scientists at Ohio State University have developed a mathematical model designed to facilitate the development of treatment alternatives for ischemic, chronic wounds.


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Scientists expect a new mathematical model of chronic wound healing could replace intuition with clear guidance on how to test treatment strategies in tackling a major public-health problem.



The Ohio State University researchers are the first to publish a mathematical model of an ischemic wound — a chronic wound that heals slowly or is in danger of never healing because it is fed by an inadequate blood supply. Ischemic wounds are a common complication of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other conditions that can be characterized by poor vascular health.




I find this article fascinating. With chronic wounds representing a nagging source of high costs in healthcare, it is imperative that treatments be developed to accelerate the wound healing process. But, if the process of healing (or lack thereof) in chronic wounds is not understood, treatment alternatives will be hit or miss at best. (Please note that we characterize the status of wound management technology development, and global markets, in report #S247, "Worldwide Wound Management, 2008-2017".)

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