Coronary stents: Types, technologies and impact

The global market for stents in the treatment coronary artery disease, while dominated by drug-eluting stents, continues to also be comprised of a diversity of stent technologies.  The market is evolving steadily as manufacturers aggressively seek optimal anti-restenosis, characterized by the goal of low rates of repeat revascularization.

As with many medical technologies, prices, availability in different geographies and other factors also support the range of stent alternatives, leaving opportunity for stent types along the continuum of technology types and maintaining competitiveness in the stent market.  Moreover, anti-restenosis is a goal of angioplasty that may also include a new twist, drug-eluting balloons.

(One must also keep in mind that cardiovascular surgeons will not lightly give up caseload in coronary artery bypass graft, with minimally invasive approaches and long term outcomes of CABG still putting up a strong challenge to coronary stents.)

Below are shown the major stent alternatives in the coronary stent market, with examples.

Types of Coronary Stents and Selected Anti-Restenosis Devices


Source:  Report #C245, "Worldwide Market for Coronary Stents, 2009"  

Purchase for download:  Report #C245, "Worldwide Coronary Stents 2009, PDF" — $2,850.00
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