Advanced wound management by product type for acute, chronic wounds

In treatment of acute and chronic wounds, the advanced wound technologies developed by manufacturers provide benefits that facilitate healing, minimize infection and provide other benefits toward reduced cost, less pain, faster healing and combinations of these and other benefits. Advanced products in wound care include film dressings, hydrocolloids, foam dressings, alginate dressings, hydrogels, non-adherent dressings, antimicrobial dressings, cleansing and debridement products, tissue engineered products, pharmacological products, (including pain control, antibiotics, growth factors, non-growth factor modulators, gene therapy, and scarring modulators), physical treatments (like pressure devices, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, electromagnetic stimulation, ultraviolet therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, mechanically assisted wound closure devices, ultrasound, laser and information systems. Some of these product categories are well established; others are in development.



Source:  MedMarket Diligence, LLC, Report #S247

Many wound management product types have established measurable markets by virtue of both their clinical benefit and the sheer number of patients, such that no one wound management type dominates the market.   This is true for wound management markets in the all countries.  For example, see the distribution, above, of the 2008 advanced wound management market in the U.S., Germany and Japan.  The U.S., of course, dominates the global wound management market, although the aggregate of Western Europe markets (not shown) is growing to represent a market comparable in size to the U.S.

Published September 2009, "Worldwide Wound Management Market, 2008-2017."

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