The DES Summit at TCT

At next week’s Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics meeting, a key session will be the DES Summit that will present the state of technologies and clinical practice in drug-eluting stents (DES). 

As the Stent Blog by Burt Cohen notes:  

The top cardiologists in the world will be presenting at the DES Summit, so anyone who sits through these sessions will come away with a rich understanding of the current status of these devices. We’ll try to bring our readers the highlights of these sessions. But some of the major issues that will be aired are:

  • safety (what is the current thinking about late stent thrombosis, its prevalence and causes);
  • antiplatelet therapy (how long should it be required, are some patients resistant to it, what are the proper dosages);
  • indications (is it safe and effective in treating heart attack, left main disease, diabetics);
  • differences in stents (are all DES alike, or do some act differently in terms of healing and efficacy);
  • what does the future hold (biodegradable polymers that elute the drug, completely biodegradable stents, stents with no polymers, balloons with no stents).

This session will offer opinions on the possible evolution of coronary stents and their use.

The global coronary stent market, encompassing DES, bare metal, bioabsorbable and other stents, are also the subject of Report #C245 from MedMarket Diligence.

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