Advanced wound care technologies

Advanced wound management technologies — those used in the clinical management of wounds (not OTC) — represent a $5 billion global market that will triple in the next ten years.  These technologies have continued to evolve beyond simple dressings and bandages to be able to accelerate wound healing, improve clinical outcomes and, in particular, attempt to reduce the cost of managing wound types like arterial, venous, diabetic and stasis ulcers.

The distribution of the advanced wound care market across these different wound care types has continued to shift, especially with the development and application of more expensive wound care technologies, which have been incentivized by the high cost of chronic wounds.  Physical therapies, which include negative pressure devices, positive pressure devices, mechanically assisted wound closure, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, ultraviolet therapy and others, are demonstrating the largest relative growth, as illustrated in the figure below, which compares the share of the market by segment in 2008 and 2017 (drawn from Report #S247).


Worldwide Advanced Wound Management Market, by Segment, 2008 & 2017


Source:  MedMarket Diligence, LLC: Report #S247

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  1. Thanks. I found this breakdown very interesting, especially the large increase in physical therapies. In addition to these expected changes, it should interesting to see emerging therapies as well.

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