Widely different wound management technologies in use, development

Products for the treatment of wounds can be divided into categories using a number of different classification systems. For the sake of analysis (as applied in the MMD report #S247), products and technologies in wound management can be divided generally into traditional products (simple bandages, dressings and closures) and advanced wound management. The advanced area includes film dressings, hydrocolloids, foam dressings, alginate dressings, hydrogels, non-adherent dressings, antimicrobial dressings, cleansing and debridement products, tissue-engineered products, pharmacological products, (including pain control, antibiotics, growth factors, non-growth factor modulators, gene therapy, and scarring modulators), Physical treatments (like pressure devices, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, electromagnetic stimulation, ultraviolet therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, mechanically assisted wound closure devices, ultrasound, laser and information systems. Some of these product categories are very well established; others are in development.

The rate of development (product, technology and market) varies considerably among these different segments, and the overall market is in a state of growth.  Below is a snapshot of the composition of the advanced wound management market in 2007.

Advanced Wound Management Market by Product Segment


Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; forecast to 2017 in pending report #S247.

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