Xtent follows through with plans to dissolve, liquidate

Stent manufacturer, Xtent, Inc., announced on Monday, August 3, that its shareholders had approved the plan to dissolve the company and liquidate.  With the dissolution originally announced in May, the company appeared poised for a comeback when its Custom NX stent received conditional IDE approval from the FDA in June.  The hope was that the approval would stimulate investment interest that would materialize and fund the company’s ongoing development.  However, while multiple potential investors expressed some level of interest, only two ultimately seemed likely and, in the end, none were actually willing to commit to the necessary investment.

Xtent will sell off its assets, including its intellectual property.  In some form, then, Xtent will live on, saving lives with the technology of its Custom NX stent.

We covered and have updated the Xtent content in the 2009 MedMarket Diligence report #C245, "Worldwide Drug-Eluting, Bare Metal and Other Coronary Stents, 2008-2017."

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