Electrosurgical ablation in orthopedics

The use of energy-based systems for the routine management of disease and trauma in the orthopedic arena encompasses multiple energy types.  The manufacturers PhotoThera, ArthroCare, Bioelectron, Biowave, ConMed, Medical Technologies, Siemens, Smith & Nephew (Oratec), J&J (Mitek), ConMed and Stryker market a variety of energy-based systems for these purposes.

These systems offer the following features and benefits:

  • Remove soft tissue
  • Cut and contour soft tissues such as ligament and meniscus
  • Treat instability and control bleeding through the coagulation of soft tissue

A sampling of ablation in orthopedics, highlighting electrosurgical ablation in particular, is shown below.

Orthopedic Applications of Electrosurgical Devices


From MedMarket Diligence Report #A125, " Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market, 2008-2017."


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