Drug-eluting stent market, geographic growth

Broken down by geographic region, the market for drug-eluting stents (DES) is growing at 9.0% in the United States, at 3.1% in Europe, at 10% in Asia/Pacific and 3.1% in ROW countries. Compounded annually from 2008 to 2017, the market for DES is growing 4.3% worldwide, 4.8% in the United States, 3.3% in Europe, 4.9% in Asia/Pacific and 3.4% in ROW countries, as shown in Exhibit ES-7.

DES-geographic-growthThe worldwide market for coronary stents is estimated to be greater than $7 billion, with annual growth estimated at more than 5%. The largest factor in the growth of this market is found in the aging of populations in developed countries. This has resulted in a growth rate for PCI procedures of roughly 3%–5% overall.

The advent of percutaneous coronary intervention with stenting revolutionized treatment protocols for patients with cardiovascular disease. The availability of stents gave cardiovascular surgeons the opportunity to treat more patients more effectively.

The strongest area of growth is currently drug-eluting stents, which after their introduction, quickly overshadowed the growth in bare metal stents. However, after clinical trial results in 2006 raised the question of "late stent thromobosis" with DES, and other trials suggested bare metal stents might be more effective than DES, the market for DES took a hard hit with many physicians backing away from the newer technology and choosing to implant bare metal stents instead. Combined with manufacturing issues, both Johnson & Johnson/Cordis and Boston Scientific (the only two competitors on the U.S. market at that time) saw significant drops in sales by year-end. However, the market bottomed out in 2007, aided by positive study results that put a significant dent in the late stent thromobosis concerns with DES (and see recent study) and other results confirmed the efficacy of DES compared to bare metal stents.

(This data and the complete market analysis are part of the MedMarket Diligence report #C245, Worldwide Drug Eluting, Bare Metal and Other Coronary Stents Market, 2008-2017, published May 2009.)

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