European coronary stent market

European stent market segments

The market for coronary stents in Europe is estimated at nearly $2 billion and forecast to grow to more than $3 billion by 2017 for a growth rate of 5.4% annually. The breakdown by type of coronary stent shows drug-eluting stents dominating the market, and continuing to grow.  The aggregate market in Europe will also grow in accordance with growth in percutaneous coronary interventions, as well as in association with the anticipated introduction of absorbable coronary stents in the 2013 timeframe.  Due to growth in drug-eluting stents and the introduction of absorbable stents, the relative share of bare metal stents will progressively decline.

In late 2009, Boston Scientific is expected to launch its Promus Element stent in Europe, a new stent design coated with everolimus. The potential exists for the Promus Element to impact Abbott/Xience market share. However, Abbott’s launch of the next-generation Xience in Europe should help counteract most negative effects of the Promus Element launch.

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