Surgical sealants, glues and hemostats market expanding with new products, clinical acceptance


Approximately 70 million surgical and procedure-based wounds are created each year in surgeries worldwide that offer potential for adjunctive products for surgical closure and securement. Some 23 million of these wounds are created during surgical procedures in the United States. Although it is possible that healing of all these wounds would be improved through use of adjunctive products for surgical closure and securement, use of the most advanced of these products has been limited to a fraction of these procedures. For example, there are approximately 3 million procedures which receive sealant products around the world, generating $1.6 billion in sales in 2007. We forecast much greater usage of sealants once clinical efficacy is proven in a broad range of procedures. New sealant products are also being launched. In addition to improvements in adjunctive treatment of bleeding, new procedure-enabling devices for soft tissue repair and securement have been introduced. These products have expanded the total market for securement and closure of soft tissues with bioresorbable materials.

This field is expanding rapidly as new devices allow the surgeon to perform closure more quickly and with improved outcomes for patients. A significant premium is possible when new products and devices enable complex securement procedures to be performed under minimally invasive protocols with significant time-savings in the operating room. New technologies and new biomaterials allow improved tissue repair, and it is possible to revalue segments of this market based on significant improvements in clinical practice. We expect this market segment to triple in value over the next decade.

The total market potential by 2013, driven by procedure volumes, for hemostats, sealants, and glues, addressable by currently available products, nearly $4.5 billion for hemostats and sealants, and more than $1.3 billion for skin wound closure using high-strength glues. The introduction of a high-strength, elastic glue without toxicity concerns would revolutionize the market further and lead to even higher sales potential.

Sealants, glues, hemostats and other wound closure and anti-adhesion are the subject of the MedMarket Diligence report #S175


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