Over 50 companies active in drug-eluting stent market development

In spite of arguments contesting whether bare metal or drug-eluting stents perform better, drug-eluting stents are here to stay and are still used in the majority of stent implantations. In fact, a plethora of studies have shown that DES can improve mortality rates and reduce the need for target vessel revascularization (TVR) compared with BMS.

We track no fewer than fifty-two (52) companies active in the drug-eluting coronary stent market, with products on the market or in various stages of development.  Below is a snapshop of the table from our May 2009 report.



Source: Report #C245, "Worldwide Coronary Stent Market."

The global market for drug-eluting coronary stents is approaching $5 billion, creating an enormous incentive for innovative companies to target the revenues and shares of early DES entrants Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific and Abbott.


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