Potential for neurological applications of sealants, hemostasis and closure treatments

neuro-sealantsThere is potential for new sealant, hemostasis and closure treatments designed to facilitate surgical treatments of neurological disorders; most existing alternative treatments are pharmological therapies limited to reducing symptoms and few cures exist. An important driver in this market segment is the increasing aging population, with a consequent growing prevalence of age-related disorders. Also, new improved systems for diagnosis promise the possibility of earlier intervention.

The major indications that will benefit from new sealant, hemostasis and closure products in neural tissue surgery are procedures to treat chronic stroke, spinal cord trauma, neurovascular defects, and brain tumor treatments.

There are an estimated 5.6 million Americans who may benefit from the use of closure and securement products for neurological disorders in 2008.

Excerpt from "Worldwide Surgical Sealants, Glues and Wound Closure, 2009-2013," report #S175, published by MedMarket Diligence, LLC.

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