The Asia/Pacific market for coronary stents

The Asia/Pacific market for coronary stents, like the worldwide market, will see continued growth through the next decade in the dominance of drug-eluting stents in the market, but also like other geographic markets, will witness the emergence and penetration of existing markets by bioabsorbable stents.

The Asia/Pacific market differs from Western markets in that drug-eluting stents control an even greater share of the coronary stent market than in other markets as a result of the coronary stent market in China being almost exclusively represented by drug-eluting stents.

Overall growth in the Asia/Pacific coronary stent market, segmented by drug-eluting, bare metal and bioabsorbable, is illustrated below.


Source: Report #C245, "Worldwide Coronary Stents Market, 2008-2017," published May 2009 by MedMarket Diligence.

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