Recent medtech startups

Below is a sampling of recently identified medical technology startups, identified in 2009 (drawn from the Medtech Startups Database). 





QFX Technologies, Inc.

External fixation for leg bone fractures.

Axis Surgical Technologies, Inc.

Devices for minimally invasive spine surgery

NuOrtho Surgical, Inc.

Radiofrequency preservation of tissues during orthopedic surgery

Selecta Biosciences, Inc.

Nanoparticle-based immunomodulatory drugs.

EndoMetabolic Solutions, Inc.

Pharmaceutical preparations for treatment of obesity.

AVIDAL Vascular GmbH

Drug-eluting balloons. See link.

Arthro Valve Ltd

Implantable shunt for draining fluid, such as for synovial fluid.

Salutaris Medical Devices, Inc.

Ophthalmic devices.

DGIMed Ortho, Inc.

Proprietary system to assist orthopedic surgeons in the delivery of long bone intramedullary nail implants.

Transluminal Technologies, LLC

Devices in interventional cardiology. See link.

Palmaz Scientific, inc.

Bio prosthetic devices including cardiovascular stents. See link.

Isis Biopolymer, Inc.

Non-invasive drug delivery via transdermal patch.

MicroTransponder, Inc.

Wireless stimulation device for treatment of chronic pain.

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Medtech Startups Database


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