Medical and healthcare people to follow on Twitter

These are my (@medmarket) recommended people to follow on Twitter:

@2healthguru @celltherapy @creoquality @ctorgan @doctoranonymous @drjillgrimes @goodlaura @graftfinder @healthmashr @meddevice @meddevicenews @meducate @medxcentral @shwen @symtym @ubiquity @medscholar08 @andrewspong @doctor_v @drjohnnyray @janechin @joemd@kevinmd

Normally, I would post this as a regular "tweet", usually done via the #followfriday hastag, but with 140 characters, as you can see, the above would not fit!

For reference, I also monitor regular search terms "medtech" and "medical" to see who’s posting on these and related topics of interest.

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